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Quick Shop™ Version 2.0 Information, Continued

Overview | Detailed List of Features | Pricing Information

Program Highlights

Key Features

  • Easily plan an entire week's meals complete with lightning-fast store-ordered grocery list in 1 minute! 

  • Exclusive one-button Quick Select  "makes meal planning fun"

  • EZ Search™ finds uses for ingredients you already have on hand. Saves $ and time

  • Import/Export Recipes and print recipe cards in 3 sizes (no special paper required)

  • And much more

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  • Makes shopping quick & easy

  • Plan holiday meals in seconds

  • Makes the perfect gift for busy friends and relatives

  • Perfect for cooks and non cooks alike

  • Packed with time-saving features

  • Contains everything you need for lightning fast meal planning & shopping

  • Works at any grocery store - or, can be used with online shopping

  • Fast, flexible, easy to use

"You'll Soon Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without Quick Shop!"

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Did You Know?

Quick Shop V. 2.0

An Internet connection is NOT required to use Quick Shop™. Buy it online, use it offline!


System Requirements



Windows 95/98 operating system and compatible hardware (including mouse or other pointing device and printer). [Note: Win XP users, click here.] Printer note: Your printer must be capable of .5" margins (all directions).  

CD-ROM drive required. Note: Quick Shop is supplied on a single CD-ROM.

Setup will determine space requirements (est. minimum size: 15MB).

Basic Windows 95/98 skills and standard Windows 95/98 fonts are required. 

For best results, use with color monitor (SVGA 800 x 600 resolution, 256 color) and 16-24 MB (minimum).

Terms Information:

Note that system/user performance may vary. Due to a wide number of variables, we cannot guarantee that any specific item may be accomplished within a specific duration.

Some program setup required. 

Import/Export features may require C:\... directory availability.

Click here to view additional terms information in .txt format 

For policy information / terms, click here.

For program technical notes, click here


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