Sample Quick Shop™ Ver. 2.0 Grocery List

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Sample Grocery List

'Lightening Fast' & Automatically Store-Ordered!

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Super Convenient Grocery List Automatically Prints in Store Order!

Sample Grocery List (select .pdf option above for 'crisper' image)

Is above image difficult to read? Select .pdf option above for 'crisper' image.

Convenient, store-ordered grocery list makes shopping so quick and easy. Take your list with you to the store - or you can e-mail your list to a shopping companion. Your convenient, time-saving list can help reduce impulse buying and can eliminate the hassle of forgotten items.

Grocery List Notes:

  • Font size is expandable - great for seniors.

  • All list components (store isles, ingredients, comments, headers, etc.) are changeable to suit your shopping needs.

  • List order is customizable for any store - changes are a breeze.

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Did You Know?

Quick Shop V. 2.0

An Internet connection is NOT required to use Quick Shop™. Buy it online, use it offline!


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