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Guido with SpoonBefore we helped Guido, he was always pushed for time. He used to dread grocery shopping and never knew what to make for dinner.  

Afterwards Guido suddenly found that he had time to spare and that meal planning was no longer a chore.  

Guido wants to share the following tips with you. Use them to make your life easier.

Guido's Tip #1

Guido's Tip #2

Guido cuts his shopping time in half using a store-ordered grocery list.  

Guido With Store-Ordered Grocery List (click to view sample store-ordered grocery list)

It's Easy! It takes Guido less than a minute to prepare and print his store-ordered grocery list with Quick Shop™ Version 2.0.

Guido used to hate meal planning. Now he thinks it's fun - and easy.

Guido on Recipe Book

In fact, Quick Shop's Quick Select™ makes it so fun and easy that he practically has to fight with his family for the privilege.


Guido's Tip #3

Guido's Tip #4

Guido used to forget things at the store. Once he forgot kitty litter, and his cat Luigi didn't purr for an entire day.

Now Guido uses Quick Shop's Never Forget™ feature to remember all grocery items and keep Luigi happy. It's so easy, it takes just seconds. In a pinch, he can even e-mail his grocery list to Mama Mia. 

Luigi"purr purr" ~ Luigi

Guido couldn't think of anything new to make for dinner. Then he found out about moviestars' recipes.

Guido with Recipe Card

The Internet is the "world's largest free cookbook" and Quick Shop™ helps Guido manage his newly found recipes. And, Guido also saves money by finding uses for the ingredients he already has on hand by using Quick Shop's EZ Search™ feature.


Guido's Tip #5

Message From Guido

Guido's doctor suggested that Guido watch his weight.  

Guido now uses Quick Shop™ to help him make the best meal planning choices.

 "I am very much enjoying my new program and you can too." To learn more about Quick Shop's features, click here.

"Voilá" ~ Guido


~ ~ ~ Did You Know? ~ ~ ~

Quick Shop V. 2.0

An Internet connection is NOT required to use Quick Shop™. Buy it online, use it offline!


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