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Quick Shop™ Version 2.0 Screen Shots

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Check Out These Super-Easy Sample Screens!

Quick Select - Add all the ingredients for your meal onto your shopping list with one single mouse click! Makes meal planning so easy and convenient!

Quick Shop V. 2.0 Screen Shot - Quick Select (TM) [Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Simply click the "This Trip" button to add all ingredients for your selection to your grocery list - and they'll automatically appear on your shopping list in store order (which you can fully customize)! Click the "Every Trip" button to include frequently purchased items on all your grocery lists. Quick Select™ lets you choose which type of items to select from - the above displays breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Quick Select™ makes meal planning virtually effortless!

EZ Search - Find uses for ingredients you already have in your cupboard! Saves $$$ and time!

Quick Shop V. 2.0 Screen Shot - EZ Search (TM)

Simply key in an ingredient description and let EZ Search™ provide a listing of all items containing that ingredient. EZ Search™ allows wide or narrow searches - e.g. specify "bread" for all items containing the word bread or enter "pita bread" to narrow your search. Never throw out an ingredient again!

Add Items Screen - Super easy user interface with extensive help and use of drop down lists makes data input easy!  

Quick Shop V. 2.0 Screen Shot - Add Items Screen

Easily add items on the fly with our streamlined interface. Quick Shop™ provides convenient help for each field - simply click on "?" button to right of field. Quick Shop™ makes extensive use of drop down lists for fast and easy data entry. And, you can be as specific or general as you desire (e.g. you may include or omit brand names, quantities, etc.).

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Did You Know?

Quick Shop V. 2.0

An Internet connection is NOT required to use Quick Shop™. Buy it online, use it offline!


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